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Three complaints against Khatiwada in the parliamentary committee

Kathmandu:  Former Finance Minister and proposed Ambassador to the United States Dr. There are three complaints against Yuvaraj Khatiwada in the parliamentary committee. Committee Chairman Laxman Lal Karna informed that three complaints have been lodged against Khatiwada in the Parliamentary Hearing Committee.  

The government had proposed the appointment of new ambassadors to the United States, Britain and South Africa. After the proposal reached the parliamentary hearing committee of the parliament, it was called to lodge a complaint on September 7 with a time limit of ten days.

The committee has been studying the complaints against the proposed ambassador since Monday. After receiving three complaints against Khatiwada, the committee has requested the complainant to appear on April 3 with additional evidence.

Similarly, a complaint has been lodged against former Chief Secretary Lokdarshan Regmi, the proposed ambassador to the UK, the committee said.

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