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WorldLink announces free Wi-Fi for 30,000 locations in collaboration with Facebook

KATHMANDU: Internet service provider WorldLink Communications, in collaboration with social network Facebook's Express WiFi project, has announced that it will provide free Wi-Fi service to 30,000 locations in three years.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday to announce the collaboration with Facebook for free Wi-Fi, WorldLink's WiFi project manager Punit Manandhar said that free Wi-Fi will be provided in 30,000 places in collaboration with Facebook.

Currently, WorldLink has free Wi-Fi hotspots in 10,000 different places across the country. For the WiFi hotspot project, WorldLink has collaborated with Facebook's WiFi Express project, it was informed on Thursday. WorldLink has also started collaborating with Facebook on its existing WiFi hotspot.

WorldLink has also started using software developed by Facebook to manage the free WiFi hotspots that are now available in 10,000 locations. Due to the use of the new software, users will now be able to log in to another hotspot automatically after logging in to one WiFi hotspot.

Speaking at a press conference, WorldLink chairman Dilip Agrawal claimed that the government could provide two hours of free internet daily across the country if given the frequency. "If the government provides the frequency, two hours of free internet can be provided daily across the country," he said. "We have started a free Wi-Fi project to benefit the people who do not have access to the internet."

Speaking at the press conference, Amit Singh, a representative of Facebook, said that Express WiFi would help in providing high speed internet. According to him, the software provided by Express WiFi will help the service providers to know the user experience, which will help in making the service more standard.

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