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Police has the power to eradicate crime: Inspector General Thapa

Kathmandu:  Inspector General of Police Shailesh Thapa has said that the police has the capacity to face the regional challenges and eradicate injustice and crime. Stating that the organization full of the same solar saga of the past, the dedication of the loyal members of the business has tarnished the dignity of the Nepal Police, he expressed confidence that the police personnel would make selfless contribution to protect the dignity.

Wishing good luck on the occasion of the 65th Police Day, he wished professional success, family happiness and a happy future to the police officers and youths at home and abroad. He also expressed his best wishes to the retired elders, other police personnel, police families, families of immortal and martyred policemen.

"I pay my heartfelt tribute to the brave and immortal police personnel who sacrificed their lives for the service of the motherland," the message said. "I wish speedy recovery to the police personnel who have suffered physical and mental damage in the line of duty."

"The fair implementation of the law is a matter without agreement and will guarantee justice and security," he said in a statement. "Non-professional conduct and any non-transparent activities are intolerable, without which our services will be people-oriented, transparent and clean." "Since the police can earn the trust of the people on the same basis, I instruct the general rank police personnel to remain sensitive towards this." The police are of the view that they will be ready for the transformation by assimilating the changes.

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