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25-year-old Ashish Magar dies in 'Gang Fight'

A young man was killed at Devi Mandir in Dhapa of Tokha Municipality-4 on Friday morning. The deceased was identified as Ashish Magar, 25, of Gorkha. 

He was stabbed in the middle of his chest. He was then seriously injured. Friends took Ashish to Chirayu Hospital for treatment. But he did not survive. 

A police team led by Metropolitan Crime Branch Superintendent of Police Ishwor Karki has launched an investigation into the murder. It is also being investigated by the Metropolitan Police Circle, Maharajgunj. 

So far, police have arrested two main accused involved in the incident. The arrested persons are Divas Adhikari and Ravi Thapa Magar of the same place.


According to Shyam Prasad Gyawali, Senior Superintendent of Police, Metropolitan Police Complex, Kathmandu, Ashish's friends have also been arrested by the police.

"We have arrested a total of six people so far. There were only eight people from both sides, 'he said. Has been identified. '

The deceased Ashish Magar used to do painting work. He lived with his family at his home in Tokha. 

According to SSP Gyawali, the police did not reach the spot. Both groups used drugs in the area.

'Some people gathered first. In the same way, other people also gathered there and clashed, 'he said.

He said that everything will come out only after the arrest of the other two people involved in the incident. 

According to a police officer involved in the investigation into the incident, there was a 'gang fight' between them. He also said that there was a clash between them about the girl a few days ago.

"A few days ago, there was a quarrel between them about the girl. They are all drug addicts, 'said the police officer.

He said that after the clash, someone pulled out a knife and stabbed Ashish. 

"This incident seems to have been planned," he said.

Police are currently investigating the incident and searching for two others.

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