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Nine children killed in airstrikes in Karabakh

Azerbaijan:  At least nine children have been killed in recent airstrikes in Azerbaijan in clashes with Armenia.

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Education said the children were killed in the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

The conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia has been raging for the past few weeks in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh. Hundreds of civilians have been killed in attacks against each other there. 

Although there have been two ceasefires between the two countries, no ceasefire has been observed. Due to which the conflict is still going on.

Azerbaijan's Education Minister Amin Amrulyaev made the announcement. He said nine students had been killed in the region due to the recent conflict between the two countries.

Education Minister Amrulyaev said nine students had been killed in the conflict, which has been raging since last September. The war broke out between the two countries on September 27 and the attacks have continued since then.

Both are attacking the Nogorno Karabakh area, claiming it.

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