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Today is the fifth day of Bada Dashain: Celebrated by worshiping Skandamata Bhagwati

Kathmandu : The fifth day of Bada Dashain is being celebrated today by worshiping Skandamata Bhagwati.

It is customary to worship Skandamata Bhagwati, the fifth of the nine forms of Durga Bhavani. There is a tradition of worshiping Shailaputri on the first day, Brahmacharini on the second day, Chandraghanta on the third day, Kushmanda on the fourth day and Skandamata on the fifth day.

Similarly, on the sixth day, Katyayani, on the seventh day, Kalaratri, on the eighth day, Mahagauri and on the ninth day, Siddhidatri are worshiped. Throughout Navratri, Durga Saptashati Chandi, Shrimad Devi Bhagwat and other divine hymns and hymns are recited.

In previous years, devotees flocked to various Shakti Peeths across the country for worship, but this year the crowds have been reduced due to the risk of spreading the corona virus. As the risk of corona infection increases, the government has also decided to ban temples for devotees apart from regular worship.

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