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People want liberation from current Ashuri and Bhashmashuri tendencies: Former King Gyanendra

Kathmandu: Former King Gyanendra has opened his mouth about the government's decision not to treat the corona infection.

Giving best wishes on the occasion of Dashain on Thursday, Shah objected to the government's decision to refrain from treating the citizens. He has concluded that the Nepali people have become parentless due to the attitude of the government.

He urged the people to be aware of the fact that only the state can survive and only the state can survive in politics.

In his congratulatory message, Shah said, "Everyone should have the self-awareness that the state can survive only if the people can be saved and politics can only survive if there is a state." Based on the general belief that the capacity and status of parents is clear in times of crisis, the pain of all Nepali people becoming orphans without guardians is happening at this time.

He also accused the current political leadership of abandoning mutual coordination, harmony and cooperation and pursuing individualism and groupism. Due to this, he understands that he has not been able to give stable, strong and satisfactory results.

He mentioned that the government has not been able to provide a reliable guardian role to the displaced people seeking relief, employment and treatment for the disease.

"Our people's lives are plagued by rising prices and lack of quality of basic necessities of life," Shah said. It has also created a situation of mental stress. So today everyone is seeking relief from the growing Ashuri and Bhashmashuri tendencies. '

Here is the statement of the former King Shah:

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