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A Nepal Airlines flight carrying three people to Suketar returned to Kathmandu empty-handed

TAPLEJUNG: After seven months, a Nepal Airlines flight arrived at Suketar Airport in Taplejung on Wednesday but returned to Kathmandu without any passengers.

The ship carrying three passengers from Kathmandu to Suketar returned empty-handed. Suketar is the only airport in Taplejung district of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister Yogesh Bhattarai.

The ship returned empty-handed as there were no passengers from Taplejung to Kathmandu. But Sita Air, which arrived two minutes apart, landed at Suketar Airport carrying 15 passengers. While the private airline was carrying 15 passengers, the Nepal Airlines Corporation arrived in Suketar with only three passengers. 

Though there were 11 passengers from Kathmandu on the Nepal Airlines Corporation's flight, eight of them could not come due to non-testing of PCR of Corona, said Rajendra Shrestha, Press Adviser to the Minister for Tourism. Advisor Shrestha also came to Taplejung from the same ship. Only three people including Shrestha have come to Taplejung from Nepal Airlines. 

The company said that all those who come to Sita Air have undergone PCR test and will be informed about the PCR test at the time of ticketing. It is said that the passengers of Nepal Airlines Corporation were released because they were not aware of the need to undergo PCR test.     

There had been no flight to Suketar Airport for seven months. The airport, built in 2028 BS, has not been able to operate regular flights so far. With the arrival of Dashain Tihar, the flight has been started keeping in view the convenience of the passengers. 

Due to the fact that the airport is located on Suketar hill, there are no regular flights. This area is covered with fog from time to time. After entering Taplejung, it took less than two minutes to land but the fog obstructed it, said Captain Rabindra Dango. 

'Air fire approvals at the airport will be easier' 

Captain Dangol also said that the ship will be operational within 12 months if the air fire approaches technology is connected. He says it will always be easy to connect this technology. 

In Taplejung district, 350,000 people and tourists come to visit the famous Pathibhara Devi of Nepal every year under normal circumstances. In addition, the third highest mountain in the world and the second highest mountain in Nepal, Kanchenjunga, for tourists who come to climb the regular flights will increase the tourism here.

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