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106 MW of electricity being generated daily from Kulekhani will be continued

Makwanpur: The Kulekhani Hydropower Project, which has been generating 106 MW of electricity daily, will be given continuity keeping in mind the festival.

The Kulekhani Hydropower First Project has stated that it will continue to generate 106 MW of electricity keeping in mind the growing demand of consumers during the festival. The project, established in Makawanpur of Bagmati province, has been generating a total of 106 MW of electricity from Kulekhani I, 60 from II and 14 from III.

Chief of Kulekhani I Project Dhirendra Chaudhary said that the regular power generation of the project will be continued as per the direction of Nepal Electricity Authority. Project Chief Chaudhary also informed that the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) will generate electricity at full capacity from now on as the consumption will be reduced according to the weather. 

Ram Kumar Chaudhary, a technician at the Kulekhani Hydropower Control Room, said that the Indrasarovar Reservoir in Indrasarovar Village Municipality of Makwanpur District has a water level of 1526.56 cm till 3 pm on Ashoj 22, but five meters of water is yet to be filled in the 7 km long reservoir. 

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