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Kathmandu Corona Hotspot: Government raised its hand, now only to trust on God!

Kathmandu. On Wednesday and Thursday, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Health and Population, Dr. Listen to what Jageshwar Gautam said in his online press briefing. "Let's take him to the hospital only if he has a serious health problem," he said. After the isolation wards in the valley were filled with infected people, the government has started asking the infected people to stay at home for treatment. 

In the last one year alone, more than 10,000 corona infections have been added in the Kathmandu Valley. In the Kathmandu Valley alone, 2,540 people have been infected on Thursday. The number of infected people has skyrocketed after the government lifted the one-month ban in Kathmandu from mid-August last year. 

At present, there are 26,684 infected people across the country, of whom 14,967 are receiving treatment at home. There are 11,717 infected people in the isolation center prepared by the hospital and various other agencies. 

Poor management: Isolation of government is complete

Two and a half thousand corona are found to be infected daily in Kathmandu Valley at this time. But the government has set aside 3,000 beds for the infected in the hospital, while the institutional isolation has 2,000 isolation beds prepared by various social organizations and other organizations. These beds are already full of infected patients.

Last August, the government gave the Ministry of Home Affairs the responsibility of setting up a quarantine center with a capacity of 5,000 beds and the Ministry of Health the task of setting up an isolation center with a capacity of 5,000 beds. Corona is being treated. According to the increasing number of infections in the valley, there is a shortage of isolation beds and the shortage is increasing. 

The ICU bed at the hospital is also empty

Last Saturday, Tara Moktan of Nuwakot and her family found out that there were empty beds in many hospitals in Kathmandu for treatment after their father, Corona, became infected. He was admitted to Kisht Hospital in Lalitpur for treatment. However, Moktan said that his father lost his life on Wednesday due to poor treatment at the hospital.  

Meanwhile, it has become difficult to get hospital beds for the treatment of corona in the Kathmandu Valley. Every day, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Jageshwor Gautam, has started briefing the patients not to take them to the hospital for treatment. According to a statement released by the ministry on Thursday, 82 out of 181 ICU beds across the country are occupied by corona infections and 27 out of 76 ventilators are occupied by corona infections. 

Gautam, a spokesman for the ministry, said there was a shortage of ICUs and ventilators to treat patients with serious health problems. Speaking to Ratopati, Gautam claimed that there was no shortage of isolated wards prepared by the Ministry of Health for the infected.  

If inactive, the municipality and the mayor of the valley have become inactive at the onset of the 
corona infection. The group of mayors of the valley, the mayor's forum, has also become inactive. 

Madan Sundar Shrestha, Mayor of Madhyapur Thimi Municipality, who is also the spokesperson of the forum, says, “We will not do anything just by holding a meeting and issuing a statement. This would not have happened if we had implemented as mentioned earlier. We have said before that it should be banned till ten years ago. It has already been said that 100,000 people will be infected by the end of the decade.

He blamed the government's failure to control public transport and the market for the current situation. The hospital is full of ventilators and corona infections are on the rise, Mayor Shrestha says. He said that the isolation made in Madhyapur Thimi was full and the number of infected people started increasing. 

He further added that the government has issued a restraining order against Hachuwa. He said, "If we have imposed a ban, what right do you have to use it? We have not been able to impose it. We have closed various branches after the spread of the infection." Overall, the Chief District Officers will have the power to impose a ban. It was because of them. The CDO will listen to the Home Ministry, so there is not much discussion now. 

The Ministry of Home Affairs says that our job is not to create isolation 

Home Ministry spokesperson Chakra Bahadur Budha told Ratopati that the government has given the responsibility to the Ministry of Home Affairs to prepare 5,000 quarantine beds in the Kathmandu Valley. He said that although they were prepared to keep the returnees from foreign employment, they were not used. 

He said, “It is designed for people who come from abroad on regular and charter flights. It was said that the number of people coming from abroad would be the same. There are reports that it is made up of about 3,000. But there are no people in that quarantine. When people came from abroad, all the people with PCR negative came. They were sent to live in isolation. The existing quarantine has not been used. There are no people in those quarantine beds now. '

Infections with PCR positive should be kept in isolation. In the Kathmandu Valley, the Ministry of Health was given the responsibility to make isolation in different places by coordinating. It is made in some places. Home Ministry spokesperson Budha said that quarantine of some places has also been converted into isolation. The quarantine made in the meeting hall of the Agriculture Development Bank in Bhaktapur has been made isolation. 

It was decided that isolation would be made by the Government of Nepal in the valley and by the state government outside the valley. It was decided to keep those infected with corona in isolation under the supervision of health workers by providing hospital facilities. However, the Ministry of Health has started arranging for the infected to stay at home and come to the hospital only if it is complicated. 

Where are the unused quarantine sites in the valley? 

A meeting of the Council of Ministers on August 19 had given the responsibility to the Ministry of Home Affairs to prepare a quarantine site with a capacity of 5,000 beds for the citizens coming from abroad in different places of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur districts. According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, 3,000 beds have been constructed and most of them are unused. 

In Kathmandu, Radhaswami Satsanga Seva Samakhusi, Ayurveda Hospital in Kirtipur, Pashupati's vacant Dharamshala, Staff College Jawalakhel, Bhaktapur's Telkot and Suryavinayak's Bhatedhikur in a plywood factory have been made quarantine beds. Of these, the quarantine site constructed in the meeting hall of Bhaktapur Agriculture Development Bank has been used as an isolation site while the quarantine of other places is vacant. 

Home Ministry spokesperson Chakra Bahadur Budha said that the quarantine site could be converted into isolation if necessary. However, the Ministry of Health is not thinking of alternative measures after the hospital beds are full.

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