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The work of 450 MW Kimathangka Arun's environmental impact assessment has moved ahead

Kathmandu, Ashoj 30.  The work of zoning has been taken forward for the preparation of the environmental impact assessment report of Kimathangka Arun with a total capacity of 450 MW.

The project is being constructed in Bhotkhola village municipality of Sankhuwasabha of state-1. The government-owned power generation company is going to build the project. It has been requested to provide necessary information within seven days about the impact of the project to be built on the Arun River on the environment of the affected area.

While determining the area related to the environmental impact assessment study of the project, the power generation company limited has sought to find out the impact on the natural, physical system, biological, social and cultural and economic system of the area.

As it is necessary to seek the opinion of the village municipality or municipality of the project affected area and schools, hospitals, health posts and stakeholders in that area, it has been asked to give opinion and suggestion within seven days from the date of publication of the public notice.

Necessary Opinions and Suggestions Power Generation Company and NEA Engineering Company Limited have been asked to give necessary opinions and suggestions. A 70 meter high dam will be constructed on the Arun River flowing through Bhotkhola Village Municipality-2 of Sankhuwasabha.

Due to the dam, a reservoir with a capacity of 10.3 million cubic meters spread over an area of ​​0.338 square kilometers will be built on the Arun River. The project is designed to generate about 2,498 gigawatt hours of energy annually using a design head flow of about 143 cubic meters per second and a total head of about 380 meters.

In the power house to be constructed underground 6 thousand 715 meters below the dam site, water will be generated in 6 turbines through underground penstock pipes. After generating electricity, water will be released back into the Arun River from a 700 meter long tailrace tunnel.

A 22 km long access road will be constructed to reach the construction site of the project and an 18.5 km long transmission line will also be constructed from the power house to the proposed high substation for the transmission of electricity.

Most of the structures of the project will be built in the intermediate zone of Makalu Barun National Park.
Hitendra Dev Shakya, managing director of NEA Engineering Company, had said a few days ago that the study of a project with a capacity of 1,000 MW including Kimathangka Arun had been completed and only limited work remained.

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