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After the Dr. KC-government agreement, the doctors' association withdrew the agitation

Kathmandu: The Nepal Medical Association (NMA) has withdrawn all the programs of the movement. The association had announced additional agitation program on Saturday saying that it had backed down from fulfilling Dr. Govinda KC's demand.

But on Saturday night,  After an eight-point agreement was reached between Dr. KC and the government, the doctors' association withdrew the programs of the entire movement. Badri Rijal has told. In a statement issued on Sunday morning, Rijal said that the agitation programs announced by the Nepal Medical Association have been withdrawn.

Dr. Anshanrat has died row for 27 days for the improvement of medical education and services. An agreement was reached between Dr. Govinda KC and the government at midnight on Saturday. Trivi Teaching Hospital. Dr. KC and Gopinath Mainali, coordinator of the government's negotiating team and education secretary, signed an eight-point agreement.

Dr. KC will break his fast on Sunday at around 9:30 am. He had started a hunger strike in Jumla on September 13 demanding six points.

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