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Biplav party demands to make public the content of the meeting between Prime Minister Oli and 'RAW' chief

The Jana Parishad, formed by the Netra Bikram Chand-led CPN (Nepal), has demanded that the content of the discussion between Prime Minister KP Oli and Samant Kumar Goyal, head of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), be made public on Wednesday night. 

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On behalf of the Central People's Council, Nepal, Chief Santosh Budhamgar issued a statement on Saturday stating that it was a serious objection that the discussion was kept secret. 

"The recent meeting of the Prime Minister of the Government of Nepal, KP Oli, with Samant Kumar Goyal, the head of the Indian intelligence agency, RAW, is a matter of great embarrassment for Nepal and the Nepali people," Budhamagar said in a statement. This makes it clear that Nepal's parliamentary system is run by middlemen. It is a matter of serious concern that the issues discussed during the meeting remain secret. We demand that the issue be made public before the Nepali people immediately. 

The main opposition party, the Nepali Congress, has also demanded that the meeting be made public. Leaders of the ruling CPN (Maoist) have also objected to Prime Minister Oli's meeting with the RAW chief, contrary to foreign policy, independence and self-respect.

On Friday, Prime Minister Oli addressed the nation on the occasion of Dashain and remained silent about the meeting with RAW chief Goyal. Prime Minister Oli's address focused on the prevention and treatment of Dashain and Kovid-19.

Goyal, the head of the notorious Indian intelligence agency RAW, met Prime Minister Oli in Baluwatar on Wednesday from 9:15 pm to 12:10 pm, accusing him of spying and interfering in the internal politics of the neighboring country.

While waiting for diplomatic and political talks between Nepal and India on the issue of nationality, Prime Minister Oli's sudden meeting with the intelligence chief has drawn criticism.

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