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Royal Massacre and role of RAW, Indian Congress Party & Gandhi Family

Kathmandu. It has been 19 years since the royal palace massacre. However, the incident is still shrouded in mystery. The people are not ready to believe the report of the commission of inquiry formed by the then government.

The high-level commission not only investigated what happened at the scene that night, but also failed to find out who was behind the incident or who helped.

Most Nepalis are not ready to believe that their beloved King Birendra was annihilated by the then Crown Prince Dipendra. To date, however, no one has been able to challenge this conclusion. However, many people near the palace have made it clear that foreign powers are involved.

The then Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala also used to threaten to reveal the 'grand design' by pointing to India from time to time. The then terrorist Prachanda also suspected India's involvement in the incident. Similarly, ex-military chariots, the king's personal secretary and the ADCs have revealed in their autobiographies that the killings were not a one-day affair but a conspiracy of years and had an indirect hand in it by foreign powers.

The historical conflict of the royal family with the Congress and the Gandhi family

Many suspect that the then Indian founding Congress I (Gandhi family) was involved in the massacre. It is said that the Gandhi family did not see the international image of King Birendra overshadowing India from time to time and gained special importance not only in the West but also in India. Similarly, another important reason is the king's proximity to Indian Hindu institutions as the emperor of the world's only Hindu kingdom. That is why we have to understand the context of the massacre from a historical point of view.

Nepal's fierce protest after the merger of Sikkim

After the annexation of Sikkim to India in 1973, there was intense protest in Nepal. Even though Bangladesh broke away from Pakistan and became a new country with the help of India, Nepal did not protest, but that protest was limited to protests. However, Nepal protested the Sikkim annexation so much that an official protest letter was submitted to the Indian Embassy on behalf of Nepal. There were anti-India demonstrations in various parts of Nepal. India recalled its ambassadors and directors of aid missions to Nepal at the time. Nepal-India relations resumed.

Rajiv and Sonia's 'Pashupati scandal'

When the then Prime Ministers of India Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi visited Nepal in 2045 BS, they expressed their desire for Pashupati Darshan. When Rajiv Gandhi was a Muslim and Sonia was a Christian, only Hindus were allowed to enter Pashupatinath. There was bitterness between Rajiv Gandhi and King Virendra personally after Mul Bhatta also said that Rajiv and Sonia should not be visited. This personal confrontation was seen on the surface in SAARC Pakistan.

Report on the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi and Rao

Rajiv Gandhi was killed in a deadly bomb blast in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, during the 1991 general election campaign. Queen Aishwarya, who was considered close even to Dawood Ibrahim, was powerful in herself. After a rift between King Birendra and Rajiv Gandhi, Rani Aishwarya, through her brother Uday Shamsher Rana, reportedly spent Rs 100 million on Tamil Tigers leader  Prabhakaran  to assassinate Gandhi. Which was also refuted by the Ministry of External Affairs of Nepal as baseless. To counter the incident, the strategy of killing Birendra had reached 'Rao'. Accordingly, covert operation was started under the name 'Operation Baz'.

King Birendra's closeness to the Indian Hindu leadership

Indian Hindus had a different kind of goodwill towards the only Hindu emperor in the world. According to the Congress, the king has played a role in strengthening the Hindutva issue in India. He felt that the monarchy would be a stumbling block for secular India.

It is to be recalled that after the World Hindu Federation honored King Gyanendra as the Hindu Emperor, the Indian establishment, which was sold out, played a game of overthrowing the monarchy.

Similarly, Bharatiya Janata Party leader Atal Behari Vajpayee was made the chief guest on the Republic Day of India a few years before the Durbar massacre after Atal Behari Vajpayee became the Prime Minister. Sundar Pratap Rana has said in his book titled 'The Tragedy of the Court', "Sonia Gandhi, the Leader of the Opposition, showed the same coldness on her face when she met the King.

Bajpayee was the same person who, as foreign minister, grabbed the king's feet during a visit to the royal palace in 1977 and said, 'I am the same as Raiti, even if you are not Raiti. I will always be on your side to uphold the monarchy, the religion of self-determination and justice. It is said that a kind of gentlemanly agreement was reached between Bajpayee and Birend. Birendra will help the Hindutva forces in India and India will support the steps that Birendra is going to take in Nepal. But soon after the Durbar massacre, he dreamed of reviving religion in India. In fact, you were.

It can be surmised that the assassination was carried out by the Indian intelligence agency RAW and the CIA by the American intelligence agency CIA through the Gandhi family. The recent political developments in Nepal and foreign intervention make it clear that the assassination was carried out because the monarchy could not be removed from Nepal and the Hindu kingdom could not be removed until King Birendra's dynasty was annihilated.

Which the Bharatiya Janata Party understood. It is said that many BJP leaders cried when the center of their faith fell. He also openly opposed the conspiracy to overthrow the Hindu state and monarchy from Nepal.

But the irony is that the BJP government, which has always been a member of Nepal, has now come under a lot of criticism in Nepal. The situation is caused by the Congress, which still holds sway in the Indian bureaucracy.

The Bharatiya Janata Party and Narendra Modi's government are badly embroiled in the Nepal affair due to the misconduct of the old staff of the Ministry of External Affairs, which is controlled by India's South Block. The Congress party, which ruled India after the fall of the British Empire, wanted to leave Nepal with a special relationship. The special relationship was India's important role in Nepal's overall affairs. Nepal was not allowed to exercise its sovereignty freely.

The immediate promulgation of the constitution in Nepal was done by the employees supported by the Nepali Congress. On the other hand, those who briefed Nepal on Terrain were also the same. Due to which, the BJP government was very controversial at that time. Whose chain is still running. In Nepal, the Congress-Communists had promulgated the constitution at the behest of the Congress. And, at his behest, they are fighting against the BJP-led government. Nepal's parties are running at the behest of the Congress, not to protect Nepal's interests.

Insas rifle scandal

The immediate cause of the palace massacre became the 'Insas Rifle Scandal'. An action plan for the modernization of the Royal Nepal Army was being drawn up almost a year before the royal palace massacre. In this connection, Nepal was moving ahead with the process of purchasing 'Ultra Modern' weapon HK G-36 rifle.

According to Army Secretary Vivek Kumar Shah's book, some people do not like the plan of the German company Heckler & Kok to set up a weapons assembling factory in Kathmandu and produce a state-of-the-art HK G-36 rifle and sell it in South Asian countries.

"Our neighbor India did not like the plan to buy HK G-36 rifles and assemble them in Nepal. "Because he was pushing for the sale of low-quality Insas rifles made in India," Shah said. "I think the politics of arms may be one of the main reasons behind the royal palace massacre."

Another thing is said about Shah who gives this description. CIA agents have been active in the Carter Center in Nepal for many years. And, Shah worked to get the information to the Carter Center. Sources say that the then King Gyanendra removed him after receiving the same needle. He has also been accused in his book of trying to save power in the West by blaming India.

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