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Rape and socio-psychological aspects

यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवताः।
यत्रैतास्तु न पूज्यन्ते सर्वास्तत्राफलाः क्रियाः।। (मनुस्मृति)

Forced sexual intercourse against one's will and forcibly robbing a woman's body and trying to enjoy it is rape. Not only in Nepal but also in many rich countries of the world, research papers have been published that have not been able to reduce the incidence of rape. According to the world's statistics, 35 percent of women have been raped. However, we are deeply saddened by the suffering of our own society, our own disciples, who have been brutally wronged at an early age. Though it has been more than two years since the rape and murder of Nirmala Pant, a 13-year-old girl from Kanchanpur, she still remembers not getting justice from the hearts of the people. In the meantime, there have been many incidents of rape and violence, some have received justice, the perpetrators have not. The victim and the court may have kept their assessment. On top of that, the murder of Samjhana Bik, a 12-year-old girl from Bajhang, who was raped and murdered, should be understood as a way to raise awareness among the people and raise awareness. Awakening education is the practice of awakening the person and society living in unconsciousness. After the recurrence of such incidents, there is no other way to think than to feel the need for the continuation of the effort to elevate the lower consciousness of humanity to the higher consciousness.

Of the women and girls who have been raped, only 40 percent can reveal what they are suffering from, while 60 percent keep it a secret. About 2 percent of murders occur without being brought out. Only about 10 percent of women seek legal help, but they do not receive it on time. Justice is delayed. The tendency of a few percent of men to be involved in crime stains all men. Let's look at some important aspects of why a person is involved in a heinous crime like rape and the areas in which it affects:

Physical need  
With age, a person wants to have sex with the opposite sex. It falls within the physical necessity but a forced relationship is not valid. As the male tendency is aggressive and the female nature is inactive, i.e. inability to express feelings openly, in most cases of rape, women, and girls are dominated by men. In our country, due to the lack of education to highlight sex education and its importance and need, it may be a fact that men have raped women to fulfill their repressed physical needs. First of all, the lack of an environment to express, learn, and teach love, feelings, beliefs, care, etc. at home can be assumed to have a negative impact on society. Physical education, sex education, to find out why a person is involved in rape.

The weak position of women in society  
It is a psychological fact that women and children are raped due to the inactive nature of women, the nature of remaining silent and not being able to speak openly and even when they are in pain. Weaknesses in society are always attacked. Women become victims of that. Society has identified women as weak creatures for centuries. Even when women try to retaliate against someone because of injustice, you are a weak person, just keep quiet, why should you lose even if you fight an issue, He is teaching you to endure injustice by showing your dignity. It is necessary to think whether women and children have really been wronged in the name of hiding the incident in the name of settling the issue and sitting together. Such gentlemen are trying to do justice to the powerful and weaken women. Until this practice is discouraged, women's prestige in society will not remain. When women and children suffer mentally, what is their dignity? Why did he save his honor? On what basis is a woman's dignity measured?  

Of the women and girls who have been raped, only 40 percent can reveal their plight, and 60 percent keep it a secret.

Due to our social structure, culture, patriarchal thinking, and behavior, the culture of respecting the abusive men has been developed by making the suffering women and children unjust. Injustice will continue as long as women's injustices are not exposed. The empowerment of women is due to the habits and behavior of society. It is the society that gives respect, dignity, and protection to women. It is not necessary to protect dignity by hiding injustice. Women's voices cannot be raised until the people in society are transformed by this.

Misuse of social media  
Due to the habit of watching various pornographic materials and videos circulating on social networks like Facebook and YouTube, it can be felt that the tendency to imitate has increased. To reduce this, spending a lot of time on social media is not just a bad habit, it is important to understand and understand that the real consequences can be negative. A technology created by science is disturbing and destabilizing our mental arousal. It is important to understand that going beyond one's nature is helping to lead to criminal activity and anarchy. Addiction to pornographic videos, such as poisonous drugs, can have a negative effect on the brain. Research has shown that 10 percent of people who use social media are psychologically addicted. The feelings of the person,

The culture of looking down on the victim in our society
There is a culture of looking down on the victims of rape of women and children for the rest of their lives. If there are unmarried girls, there is no marriage. There is a tradition that men should be recognized in the same right and women should be treated unfairly. Women are not respected in society unless the mentality of discrimination between men and women is discouraged. Those who want to see their sons improve and become good people should also know how to give love and respect to their daughters. Can you imagine a world and love without a daughter? To save the daughter, to give love to the daughter, she should be able to bring out her injustice.  

Not being able to give justice to the daughter means giving priority to crime by hiding the truth. Those who criticize their daughter's dress, short clothes, and freedom should also be aware of their son's temperament and arousal. Violence and rape are hidden in men's mental tendencies, not in women's clothing. It is not necessary to compare women with men. Women have different identities, temperaments, and powers that existence has created by giving its own quality. A sense of love and respect should be developed in the relationship and cooperation between men and women. If men develop a culture of giving protection and love rather than trying to dominate women, the feeling of contempt will be eradicated.  

Delay in justice  
Only ten percent of women apply for legal aid to get justice. Due to the delay in the delivery of justice, the feeling of indifference among women is increasing. Judgments are based on the fact that women's dignity has been violated ... lifelong social stigma on women or girls ... rape ... heinous crimes ... social stigma, etc. Feelings of yes can be felt. Therefore, on the one hand, awareness-raising education is necessary and on the other hand, in order to change the social structure, it is necessary for the home, society, and the nation to bring out issues of injustice against women, make criminals public and punish the rapists.

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