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Araniko: The Birth Of A Legend In Nepal

Araniko, born in Kathmandu Nepal during the reign of Abhaya Malla. He was one of the dominant individuals in the arts of Nepal.
Nepal is lavished with various cultural heritage and pilgrimages. Most of the special and splendid architecture that we see all over Nepal was by Araniko. Many ancient pagodas and gumba style buildings are the skills of Araniko.

However, not only in Nepal, but he was very prominent in China as well. During the rule of Jaya Bhim Dev Malla, because of the special skill of Araniko, he was sent on a project. He had to build a Golden Stupa in Tibet. Inspired by monkhood there and he acquired it later.

Source: Shop Beijing

Afterward, dispatched to North China to work in the arena of the emperor Kublai Khan, the initiator of the Yuan dynasty. He conveyed his artistic skill by bringing the trans-Himalayan tradition to China. Similarly, later in his life, he relinquished monkhood. Apart from his Nepali wife, he married two Mongolian and Seven Han-Chinese women. Altogether he had Six sons and Eight daughters.

Araniko Was Very Genius Since Childhood Artistically.

Source: Nepali Site Statue of Araniko in Beijing

He mastered Calligraphy in a short time as well. In his lifetime, he built stupas, nine great Buddhist temples, one Taoist temple, a Confucian sanctum, and numerous paintings. Araniko was a very famous personnel in Nepal, Tibet, China, Mongolia as well as Indonesia.
Source: Nepali Times
Source: Nepali Times

Furthermore, he made portraits of Emperor Kublai Kha and his wife and other imperials too. It is placed in the National Palace Museum in Taipei.

Afterward, Araniko was awarded silverplate wear with an image of a tiger, elucidating the highest recognition in China. Later, he settled in China until his death in March 1306 at the age of 62.

Araniko was a pride of Nepal. A legend was born in Nepal.

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