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Lalitpur District Secretary of Biplav Party Arrested

Kathmandu. Police have arrested Savitra Adhikari 'Bidushi', Lalitpur secretary of Netra Bikram Chand 'Biplav'. The officer was arrested by the police from Patan in Lalitpur on Saturday.

Secretary Adhikari had issued a statement threatening Lalitpur SSP Tek Prasad Rai in connection with the arrest of 41-year-old DCM Sanuraja Bajracharya (Shyam) of Lalitpur by the Lalitpur police.

In a statement, the official accused SSP Rai of violating the people's right to live as ordinary citizens, killing the character of citizens and violating their right to live as independent citizens on the basis of their faith in a political party. She was instructed to stop work immediately.

The secretary was arrested on charges of making a statement against ASP Rai and being involved in making explosives, police said.

Latilpur police had recovered grenades, explosives and bomb-making materials from Shyam's room at Tarkeshwor Municipality-11, Nepaltar on June 12 and 13. Shyam had run an explosives factory in his room. It was rumored that the police had raided the bomb-making factory and averted a possible accident.

Lalitpur Police Chief SSP Rai said that a case related to explosives was pending against the secretary.

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