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'I will not resign, don't follow rumors'

Chairman of the ruling Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) and Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that he will not resign from both the posts.

Prime Minister Oli, who reached Kimathanka Naka of Sankhuwasabha on Wednesday at a time when disputes within the party were escalating, claimed that the change of government and the party leadership was just a rumor.

Oli, who arrived at the Kimathanka border crossing with China to participate in a program including on-site monitoring of the 904-megawatt Arun III project, BOP of the Armed Police Force set up for border security, urged not to follow the rumors. He reiterated that he would not resign under any circumstances, arguing that Rahar was not the prime minister. Stating that he is the prime minister elected by the people, he said, "I will not back down from the development of the country and I will not resign."

"People have voted for five years, now there is no question of leaving in the middle."

"The people have given a referendum for five years. It is not a matter of leaving in the middle," Oli said. He argued that since he was the president-elect from the General Convention, he should not resign just because he wanted to. Oli claimed that even if there are some problems within the party now, it will not lead to division. "The party that broke up 50 years ago has now reached here. Now no one wants to let the party split," Oli said. This news is in the citizen daily.

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