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One lakh monthly savings from agriculture

Most of the youth from Galkot area are in Japan. In addition, few families are found in the United States, Australia, and other countries. Galkot has also been called a Japanese village. In such a society, there are very few young people who earn money and enjoy doing something in their own village. Guman Singh Khatri of Galkot Municipality-3 Hatiya is one of them. Although most of his friends went to Japan and the United States, his mind was never drawn to foreign countries.

Khatri remained attached to agriculture from an early age. Khatri, who has reached the age of 45, has been engaged in commercial poultry farming for 25 years, fresh house since 2057 BS, vegetable farming through hi-tech technology since 2063 BS and commercial kibi farming since 2072 BS. 'Most of my friends here have fled abroad. It is not so easy to earn money abroad ', Khatri said -' I am satisfied to earn a little by enjoying the soil at home, I have never been tempted to go abroad. ' Khatri, who has been rearing broiler chickens for 25 years, later started cultivating vegetables and kibi.

Khatri is not only himself, but also active in bringing agricultural awakening by making the Galkot region self-sufficient in vegetables and meat within five years as the chairman of the Municipal Agriculture Network. When commercial poultry farming was started for the first time in the Galkot area in 2052 BS, many did not believe that Guman Singh would become a successful farmer. Recalling the past, he said, "In the meantime, there have been many ups and downs, when there was a loss, when there was a profit."

Khatri is now known as a successful farmer in Baglung due to his continuous commitment to agriculture. Khatri's farm, which has been producing commercially through Jamune Agricultural Firm, has produced 800 broiler chickens, four high-tech tunnels, four general tunnels, bean, body, lamb and other vegetables, while the process of planting cauliflower has started.

"Chicken has an annual turnover of 1.5 million rupees and vegetables have an annual turnover of 600,000 rupees," said Khatri. According to Khatri, about 1.2 million is saved annually.

He says that he has been saving Rs. 500,000 annually by deducting expenses from all income. His mother, wife and two other workers have been working for him. Khatri, who has undergone JTA level training, has so far received more than Rs 1.2 million from the government. In Dudilabhati, Khatri has been cultivating kibi in 20 ropanis for five years. He says he earned Rs 300,000 last year from his 200 KB plant. Khatri says that the target is to produce more than 15 quintals now. Kibi, known as the king of fruits, has not been sold locally, he said. "I am explaining the importance of kibi. The kibi produced now is exported to Kathmandu and Pokhara," he said.  

According to Khatri, the municipality is working to make the Galkot municipality self-reliant in agriculture as per the demand of the farmers. Khatri said that other agricultural products besides Kibi were being sold in Galkot market. 

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