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The country will not get out of the crisis by installing Prachanda in Oli's place: Thapa

Kathmandu, 18 Kartik:- Rastriya Prajatantra Party Chairman Kamal Thapa has remarked that the country will not find a solution to the crisis by replacing the incumbent Prime Minister KP Oli with Prachanda, Madhav Nepal or Sher Bahadur Deuba or replacing the CPN (Maoist) with the Nepali Congress or any other party.

Chairman Thapa said, "There is an imbalance in the conduct of foreign policy. India has reached a state of non-communication with the CPN-led government and the trust of another neighbor China in the government has faltered." Thapa has sharply criticized both the ruling and main opposition parties for maintaining partnership and division in the process of seizing state power from corruption.

There is no point in 'cosmetic' change unless the roadmap and concept are improved to free the country from the cycle of problems. The Nepali people need to rethink the country's political roadmap and destination. He said that a national debate should be started now to find an alternative to secularism, republic and federalism or to hold a referendum to understand the direct opinion of the people.

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