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Let's split the party instead of squabbling: PM Oli

Kathmandu: The ruling Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) has reached a crossroads. Spokesperson Narayan Kaji Shrestha has revealed that Chairman KP Sharma Oli, who is also the Prime Minister, has proposed to split the party with another Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Saturday. 

"The prime minister has proposed to Prachandaji that we should go our separate ways now that we cannot go together," spokesperson Shrestha told Ikagaj.

Meanwhile, a leader close to the prime minister claimed that "the prime minister has not directly proposed to split the party." Quoting the Prime Minister, the leader said, "If the party cannot get along and is trying to split, consult and split." But he is not running in such a chaotic style. '

Deputy leader of the parliamentary party Subash Nemwang, on the other hand, said that the Prime Minister was firmly in favor of party unity. He told Ekagaz that the prime minister had said that the two leaders should work together and not split. The Prime Minister believes that the problems within the party should be resolved through discussion.

The controversy erupted after a no-confidence motion was filed in Karnali and the reorganization of the Council of Ministers was initiated by the Prime Minister. On Sunday, party deputy leader Nemwang and general secretary Bishnu Poudel contacted another chairman, Dahal, and asked him to stop the expansion of the Karnali cabinet. 

He also warned that the expansion of the cabinet would be futile. Expansion of the Council of Ministers has been stopped after their request. After serious discussions between the party leaders, the two sides are busy in room meetings to formulate their strategies.

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