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Demonstration demanding restoration of the monarchy

Kartik 17, Butwal :- A rally has been held in Rupandehi on Monday demanding restoration of the monarchy. A demonstration was held in Rupandehi with a motorcycle rally organized by the Bir Gorkhali Campaign calling for 'protection of the country and Shripech'.

The rally was held from Manigram in Tilotta to Butwal Traffic Chowk wearing T-shirt with national flag and picture of former King-Queen Gyanendra-Komal Shah.

The organizers claim that about 2,000 motorcycles are participating in the rally. Krishna Shrestha, a resident of Butwal Ramarg Chauraha, said that the pro-monarchy demonstration in Rupandehi after the establishment of the republic was still large.

Speaking at a corner meeting held at Traffic Chowk after the rally, program coordinator Basanta Bikram Pandey, Rupendehi coordinator Praveen Thapa, Dilliraj Khanal and others argued that restoration of monarchy and Hindu nation was necessary for national unity and stability.

He accused the party leadership of failing, weakening nationalism and corruption, and argued that the country could only find a way out of the restoration of the monarchy.

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