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Congress's question to the Prime Minister: Why the collective resignation of doctors in Bir Hospital?

Kathmandu: The main opposition Nepali Congress (NC) has demanded the government's opinion on the collective resignation of 16 doctors working in the emergency department of Bir Hospital. Congress spokesperson Bishwaprakash Sharma on Wednesday tweeted to the government at the Veer Hospital asking why the doctors had resigned. He urged the government to address the demands and sentiments of the doctors immediately.

Sharma also urged the Prime Minister to take some time out from the power struggle and listen to those fighting the war against the epidemic. He reminded the government that the world would win today's war under the leadership of health workers.

He said that his demands were not met even after continuous submission. Kedar had submitted his resignation to Century on Wednesday. The letter states that the hospital did not pay the tithe allowance, deducted one day's salary and was assigned to work 96 hours a week. They also complained that the hospital did not provide adequate medical supplies for their work.

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