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The Central Government will take initiative to establish a cardamom processing center

Minister for Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation Yogesh Bhattarai has said that the central government will take initiative to create an environment for processing cardamom produced in Taplejung at the local level. 

He said that the people of the district could benefit from the establishment of a processing center at the local level as more cardamom is produced here as compared to other districts. 

Minister Bhattarai, who is on a visit to various villages in Taplejung, said that the government would pay special attention to this as the processed cardamom products would find a good market and create employment. 

Cardamom is being cultivated in all areas of the district except Olangchungola and most of the farmers are dependent on it but the farmers are facing problems as cardamom is not getting good price. 

Minister Bhattarai said that the roads reaching all the municipalities of the district would be tarred in the next two years for easy transportation in the rural areas. 

He said that the roads leading to the centers of all the municipalities would be tarred within the next two years as there is a problem in the marketing of locally produced goods due to lack of easy transportation and the general public will not be able to consume reliable transport facilities. He is confident that this will also help in the promotion of tourism. 

It is said that Minister Bhattarai, who will remain in the home district till October 12, also inaugurated the party office of the CPN-Meringen village committee and the office of the National Youth Association of Nepal.

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