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Demonstration of locals in Sunakothi after the road has not been tarred for a long time

Lalitpur :- Locals have protested in Lalitpur Metropolitan City -27 Sunakothi area saying that the roads have not been tarred  for a long time. Locals have been protesting for the past three days by blocking the road demanding blacktop.

Locals allege that the contractor did not work even after taking advance payment for tarring the road. Local and veteran artist Madan Krishna Shrestha said that it was sad to have to go on strike to blacktop a road.

Mentioning that there is no work even when the people who are hoping for blacktop on the road get sick due to dust, he said, 'Where is the country? We fought for democracy with our lives in hand. But this was not the democracy we wanted. Democracy is different from the one we want now. I don't know who is in charge of the government. '

The locals have also expressed their indignation saying that the road is not tarred. Locals say that the problem has arisen due to political patronage of those who obstruct the development work. According to the locals, those who have been appointed as representatives have not understood the problems of the people.

An agreement has been reached between the contractor company and the road department to widen the road from 8 meters wide to 22 meters. Despite repeated requests from locals to repair and blacktop the road, the work has not been completed.

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