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Victory celebration by waving the flag at the historic fortress where the British were defeated with Gorkhalis (Photo Feature)

Sindhuligadhi: The 253rd Victory Day has been celebrated in Sindhuligadhi to commemorate the victory of Nepali heroic Gorkhalis in the historic battle with the imperialist British army.

Source: - Annapurna Post.

253rd Victory Ceremony in Sindhuligadhi. Photo: Rajan Gaule, Sindhuli.

The victory was celebrated by hoisting the national flag on Monday to commemorate the defeat of the imperialist British army by the Gorkhali army. Earlier, a grand program was organized by Kamalamai Municipality Sindhuli in the presence of national-level dignitaries.

However, due to the coronavirus epidemic this year, the victory was celebrated in Sindhuligadhi by formally hoisting the flag and saluting the Nepal Army. Sindhuligadhi fort is a historical site where Shri Harsh Pant, Banshraj Pandey, and Banshu Gurung, who led the army of Nepali heroic Gorkhalis, defeated the imperialist British British army on 24 November 1824 BS and preserved the sovereignty and integrity of Nepal.

On this historic occasion, Mayor of Kamalamai Municipality Sindhuli Khadga Bahadur Khatri hoisted the Nepali flag at Thulogadhi on Monday and the Barda Bahadur Battalion of the Nepal Army offered a salute.

Speaking on the occasion, Khatri said that he has been working for the reconstruction, protection, and consolidation of Sindhuligadhi since his election. He also said that he has been involved in the campaign to introduce the fort to the world recently.

'The local government has given priority to the development of the ruined fort area. Most of the construction work of the fort will be completed within the next two years. Along with the development of the historic site, we are in a campaign to introduce its strategic importance to the world, 'said Chief Khatri.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief District Officer Yogendra Prasad Pandey recalled the historic moment when Nepal was saved from the British colonization due to the brave Gorkhali army and said that a victory celebration should be organized to preserve its importance.

Welcoming the gathering, Manju Devkota, Deputy Chief of the Municipality, said that the victory celebrations had to be organized in a normal way this year due to corona, maintaining health security and social distance.

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