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7 billion tax exemption from MCC to Christian missionary program

Kathmandu : The government has given revenue exemption of Rs 6.85 billion for NGOs, Christian missionary programs and other religious activities and development projects. The exemption was given to goods worth Rs. 21.59 billion imported by such organizations during the period from July to February of the last fiscal year. 

According to a report prepared by the Ministry of Finance, a tax exemption of Rs. 518,152 has been given to United Mission to Nepal, a Christian missionary organization. The revenue of Rs. 2.24 million has been waived when the organization imports goods worth Rs. 

According to the United Mission to Nepal's website, the organization works in the name and spirit of Jesus Christ to identify and address the causes of poverty in Nepal. 

Similarly, a tax exemption of Rs. The organization has been given revenue exemption for importing goods worth Rs 1.98 million. 

According to the details provided by the Ministry of Finance, a tax exemption of Rs. The revenue of Rs. 150,000 imported by this organization has been discounted. 

Similarly, a non-governmental organization called You and I Nepal has been given a tax exemption of Rs. 13 lakh 2 thousand 444. The Ministry of Finance has stated that this amount has been exempted from tax while importing goods worth Rs. 36.58 million imported by this organization. 

The Ministry of Finance has also decided to give a revenue exemption of Rs. 36 lakh 13 thousand 954 to a non-governmental organization called Transformation Nepal Dailekh. Tax exemption has been given on goods worth Rs 14 million imported by this organization. 

Under the US-funded Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), MCA Nepal has exempted revenue of Rs 7.36 million on imported goods. Revenue exemption has been given for goods worth Rs 38.9 million imported by MCA. 

Facilitate most development projects

The Ministry of Finance has given tax exemption to most of the development projects on the items imported by the development projects. Revenue exemption has also been given to Nepal Electricity Authority, Road Department, various hospitals and sports organizations. According to the Ministry of Finance, various contractors have also received this facility. Such facility has been provided to domestic and foreign contractors. 

This facility has been provided to District Coordinating Committee Kavre, Helvetas Nepal, Helping Hands for Relief and Development, National Sports Council, China CAMC Engineering Company, China International Water and Electric, China Railway Group Company and various Ministries. 

The Nepal Army has received a tax exemption of Rs 1.87 billion. The revenue of Rs 2.45 billion imported by the army has been waived. 

The Parliamentary Committee and the
Auditor General have always raised questions about the tax exemption given by the government. The Office of the Auditor General and the Public Accounts Committee and the Finance Committee of the Parliament have always raised questions about the government. However, the Ministry of Finance has been providing such discounts through ministerial decisions. As there is an agreement to give tax exemption in projects run with the help of donor agencies, the government gives revenue exemption in most of the development projects. 

The Ministry of Finance should publish the information in the Gazette when deciding on revenue exemption. The finance ministry has been exempting customs duty, excise duty and value added tax.

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