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Ancient 'Kakarpatta' town declaration

Parasi: Sarawal village municipality of West Nawalparasi has been declared a 'Kakarpatta' town. Stating that various famous studies and researches have confirmed that the famous Kakarpatta town of the Buddhist period is located in this area, the village municipality has declared Kakarpatta as a town.

Chairman of Sarawal Village Municipality, Radheshyam Chaudhary, said that the town was declared 'Kakarpatta' to be developed as a Buddhist town after various ruins were found in the Buddha-era Buddha Sayar Lake.

Located in the town of Kakarpatta in the Java region of the ancient Shakya Republic and the Koliya Republic of Central Ramgram Stupa, Panditpur and Saraval, it is known as the place where Lord Gautam Buddha preached about domestic life. Buddha Prakash Poudel, chief administrative officer of Sarawal village, said that the DPR has been prepared for further excavation and conservation of the area as the religious texts Tripitaka and various books on Buddha have mentioned about the coal trees and lakes found only in the area.

Archaeologist The research done by Koshalendra Srivastava also mentions the Java region of the present Sarawal village municipality 2 as an important city of the Koliya Republic. The village municipality has so far spent more than Rs 10 million for the protection of coal trees and archeological objects.

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