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Today Indian Army Chief Narwane and Prime Minister Oli will meet

Indian Army Chief Manoj Mukund Narwane is meeting Prime Minister KP Sharma Anoli today. It is said that the meeting between the two will be held at around 2 o'clock even though the time of meeting has not been decided.

Indian Army Chief Maharathi has come to Nepal for the honorary title. This is a tradition that has been going on since the past. But this time the visit has been watched with interest by all. While the border dispute between the two countries is going on, everyone's interest has increased towards the visit of Indian Army Chief Narwane to Nepal.

The meeting between Prime Minister Adholi and Indian Army Chief Narwane is special. It is said that there is a possibility of a special dialogue between them. Talks will be held between the two sides on the recent border dispute and lack of communication between the two countries. Earlier, Indian RAW chief Samanta Goyal came to Nepal on September 20 and returned after meeting Prime Minister Oli.

He has come to Nepal from Delhi with special guidelines. After returning to Delhi after holding talks with Prime Minister Oli, it is said that he will brief the talks in Nepal.

Narwane, who arrived in Nepal on Wednesday, visited Basantapur and Pashupati temples and received condolences from President Vidya Devi Bhandari. Nepal Army Chief Purnachandra Thapa has met. During the meeting with President Bhandari after the condolence meeting, concerns were expressed about the relations between the two countries.

It is said that President Bhandari has requested to play a role in creating an atmosphere of dialogue between the two countries. She was of the view that relations between the two countries should be further strengthened through high-level visits. In response, Indian Army Chief Narwane expressed his commitment to take Nepal's message to Delhi.

Concerns were also expressed between Nepal Army Chief Thapa about the relations between the two countries. According to sources, Nepal Army Chief Thapa had proposed to hold discussions on how the two countries' armies could play a role in resolving the recent dispute between the two countries.

Now, they will board a Nepal Army helicopter for a mountain flight and return to Solukhumbu after observing the Narwane Himal and return to the Shivpuri-based Military Staff College. He will address the troops and return to Kathmandu to meet Prime Minister Oli.

Indian Army Chief Narwane will return to India from his special plane at 5 pm today.  

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