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Two arrested for taking bribe including an engineer

NUWAKOT: The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has arrested two persons, including Parbat Poudel, an engineer working in Belkotgadhi Municipality of Nuwakot, from Battar Bazaar today.

Authorities have arrested Narayan Bhatt of Belkotgadhi Municipality-8 along with Poudel on the charge of taking a bribe of Rs 75,000 from a service recipient while issuing a certificate of completion of house construction.

According to Akhtar's Deputy Superintendent of Police Pushparaj Malla, Poudel and Bhatta were arrested from a hotel in Battar Bazaar after taking bribe from the service recipients. They have been arrested for taking action in the case of 'bribery and corruption' along with the audio record of demanding money from the service recipient, 'hand test' conducted at the spot, and Rs 75,000 given by the service received through the authorities. The Central Office of the Authority, Kathmandu, has stated that the case will be filed after the investigation by the special court.

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