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Doctor disappears from Bhaktapur after writing 'suicide note'

Kathmandu:- Orthodontist Dr. Digambar Jha has gone missing from Bhaktapur. Dr. SP Tara Devi Thapa of the Metropolitan Police Complex Bhaktapur told Ratopati that Jha went missing after writing a suicide node. He is the director of The Dental City in Thimi. 

Around 5 in the morning. He had left the house in-car Ba. 16 Cha. 8679. Dr. who has been living on the upper floor of the dental clinic for rent. The relationship between Jha and his father was not good. It is learned from the police investigation that he reached Kavre within two hours of leaving the house.

"He is being searched," said SP Thapa. "It has been found that he has written a suicide note on his Facebook page." His colleague Dr. Niranjan Chalise had informed the police after seeing him writing a suicide note on his Facebook page.

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