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Press Adviser Thapa Abuses Prime Minister Oli's Twitter Handle

Kathmandu:  Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli's Twitter handle has been misused by Press Advisor Surya Thapa. Adviser Thapa wrote the tweet from his personal handle from the Prime Minister's handle. 

From Prime Minister Oli's Twitter handle @kpsharmaoli, I wish Matrika Poudelji success in her new business journey. When he told us that he planned to be happy in the first meeting after winning the corona infection, both of them ... Posted. It was removed in an instant. 

Earlier, Prime Minister Oli's Twitter handle, called MPM_Nepal, was also misused by the secretariat. Indian Congress leader Sonia Gandhi's opposing the Indian Citizenship Bill was retweeted from the @PM_Nepal handle. 

At the time, Press Adviser Thapa said there was a "suspected misuse of the password" and that an investigation would be launched. So far, it has not been revealed who did the investigation. 

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