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Lost of Bhojpuri film activity

Parsa: Gurung and Bhojpuri films are in the process of making equal status in the country after Nepali language films. Cinemas that have been closed since last April due to the Corona epidemic have not reopened yet. All filmmaking activities have come to a standstill.

Nepali language film production has come to a standstill. Still, the artist is strengthening his presence by creating programs for television and YouTube. Gurung and Bhojpuri language filmmakers and actors have remained silent. Fear of infection when you go out, film production activities when you don't go out are in a state of stagnation.

At one time, Bhojpuri films were very popular in Tarai cinemas. After Hindi and Nepali, Bhojpuri language films, which do good business, are dominated by India. It is not that Nepali filmmakers have not made an effort in this. Some good films were made. As the business flourished, so did the number of artists. The activities of Bhojpuri films based on Birgunj have come to a standstill at this time. Corona has given this industry a big push. The Bhojpuri film industry has also lost two actors from Corona.

Last year, Shri Ram Upadhyay, the protagonist of the first Bhojpuri TV series 'Kaise Bhail' passed away in Corona. In the same year, Bhojpuri artist Pushpa Pandey also died of heart disease. The industry, which is moving towards commercialization, has been hit hard by the Corona epidemic.

Even before the shutdown, the Bhojpuri film industry was in trouble. Anil Sarraf, the director of Bhojpuri film, says that it was necessary to make Bhojpuri films to add new impetus to the Nepali industry which was overshadowed by Indian films. He is also the director of a cinema in Birgunj and says that the area has been devastated by the epidemic. He directed 'Na Millal Saas-Sasur Ke Pyaar' and 'Pyaar Karela Himmat Chahi'

Pradeshi Sah, an actor of Bhojpuri films, said that both the Union and the state governments should be serious in protecting the regional language films and arts like Bhojpuri, Maithili and Tharu. "So far, we, the artists, have tried our best to preserve Bhojpuri and Maithili language films," he said. Industry will become history. '

If the government does not protect the Bhojpuri film industry, the generation that grew up watching old Indian Bhojpuri films like 'Dharti Maiya', 'Ganga Kinare Mora Gaon', 'Nadiya Ke Paar', 'Sajanwa Bari Bhaile Hamar' is bound to be attracted to Indian Bhojpuri films again. Shivaji Vishwakarma said. Hari Pant, producer / director of Nepali films 'Rajneeti' and 'Mela', says that the plan to make a new Bhojpuri film by including local actors has been postponed due to the Kovid epidemic.

Bhor Films Pvt. Ltd., which has been active in the Maithili film industry lately, has also become inactive due to the Kovid epidemic. Bhor's founder Rajkumar Mahato says that the shooting of the big budget ambitious Maithili film 'Salahes' has been postponed due to the Kovid epidemic. "We were about to start shooting," he said, "but Corona made it difficult." Until the situation returns to normal, we will withdraw. "

The same company had dubbed the Nepali film 'Rajja Rani' in Maithili last year. Apart from this, a documentary made by the company covering the health problems of the Musahars in Nepal, India and Bangladesh is also on display, says Mahato.

The history of Nepali Bhojpuri film is about two decades. Producer / artist Nandu Srivastava, who has made more than half a dozen mainstream Nepali films in Birgunj, made his first Bhojpuri film 'Kab Hoi Milanwa Hamar' in 2058 BS. The film, directed by established Nepali film director Kishor Rana, starred Ravi Kishan, Niruta Singh, Kamal Kisan, Vijay Kharel and other Bollywood and Kollywood actors. After the commercial success of the first film, Srivastava made another Bhojpuri film in 2062, 'Saas Nanda Bhoujai'. The film stars Kalyan Ghimire, Garima Pant, Geeta Ghimire and others.

In 2064, Nandu Srivastava's second Bhojpuri film 'Sajanwa Anadi Sajani Khiladi' was released. He directed Kishor Rana, Krishna Abhishek of Bollywood, Nikhil Upreti of Kollywood and Lamsal of Arunima in the lead roles.

In 2067, Srivastava brought another film 'Tu Hamar Saathi Re' under the direction of Kishore Rana. The film starred Ravi Kishan, Nikhil Upreti, Mithila Sharma, Usha Poudel, Soujanya Subbal and other Bollywood and Kollywood actors. After this film, Srivastava did not get involved in Bhojpuri film again. He is currently in the United States.

Then came Shobha Devi's producer 'Na Millal Saas Sasurke Pyaar' in 2068 BS. Directed by Anil Sarraf, the film stars Kalyan Ghimire, Garima Pant, Kamal Kishan and Shivaji Vishwakarma. In 2070, Shobha Devi's second film 'Pyaar Karela Himmat Chahi' was released. Directed by Anil Sarraf, the film stars Biraj Bhatt, Sudip Pandey, Regina Upreti and Priya Sharma. It was from this film that Kollywood's action hero Biraj Bhatt established himself in the Indian Bhojpuri film industry.

In 2074, 'SP Kharel The Real Hero' was released. After a gap of three years, the film 'Madhesi Babu' directed by Raman Basnet was released in the fourth week of January last year, but it did not do well due to the Corona epidemic which started less than a month later.

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