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Killing own friend with a khukuri under the pretext of 'jealousy'

MAKWANPUR:  Police have arrested a friend of a young man in Makwanpur on Friday on charges of involvement in his murder.

Bhim Raj Bholan, 20, of Shankar has been arrested on a charge of being involved in the murder of Bikas Waiba, 20, of Nayandamar in Bakaya Gaonpalika-4.

According to the police, Bholan repeatedly attacked Waiba with a khukuri and killed him. DSP Indra Bahadur Rana of Makwanpur Police Office said that the accused was arrested from Lalitpur on Saturday.

According to Rana at a press conference on Sunday, Bholan and Waiba are friends. It has been revealed that both of them are addicted to drugs.

On Friday, Bholan had reached the house of the murdered Waiba. After lunch, Bholan and Waiba reached the football field at the border of Srimad Khola.

At the same time, there was a dispute between Bholan and Waiba. And, Bholan started attacking Waiba with a khukuri. While trying to escape, Bholan chased him and repeatedly hit him with a khukuri.

DSP Rana said quoting eyewitness accounts that even those who went to release him could not stop Bholan. Police have started an investigation into the incident.

A team was deployed from Makwanpur's office and subordinate office to arrest Bholan who fled to the forest after killing his friend. 

After that, when the information came that Bholan was in Kathmandu, the police focused on the valley. And, he was arrested from Lalitpur. Accused Bholan has given a statement to the police that he was killed because he was 'despised and humiliated'.

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