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The government's only goal is to do business in education and health sector : Dr. Govinda KC

Kathmandu.  Dr. Govinda KC, an engineer in the field of medical education reform, said that the government intends to trade only in education and health.

In an interview with a journalist, Dr. KC accused the government of doing business in education and health but not showing any interest in serving the people.

Accusing the government of not implementing the agreement reached with him during and before the 19th Satyagraha, he said that continuous vigilance was needed.

He said it was their duty to punish the government for wanting to trade in education and health. He also questioned the progress of the process, saying that the agreement reached with the government was about a month away.

Dr. KC has even claimed that Nepal will make a big leap in medical education if the agreement with him is implemented. 

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