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The proposed area of ​​Nepal is 1,48,006.67 sq. Km

Kathmandu: The Department of Survey has proposed that the total area of ​​Nepal will now be 148,067 square kilometers. The department has sent a proposal to the Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation for the area prepared by India, including the land encroached by Limpiyadhura, Kalapani and Lipulek.

New political and administrative map of Nepal

According to a survey department source, when the area of ​​the country was re-measured from the projection system, it has increased by 825.67 square kilometers. The letter sent to the ministry by the department has not mentioned the separate area of ​​the encroached land. "Nepal's area is already flawed, the overall measurement has increased," the source told Kantipur. "This does not mean that India has encroached on the increased 825.67 square kilometers of land."

There are more than 335 square kilometers in Limpiyadhura, Lipulek and Kalapani areas. Apart from the land encroached by India, the area of ​​Nepal was 147,181 square kilometers. When the government of Nepal first issued the map in 2032 BS, this area was also made public at the same time.

When the government made public the new political and administrative map of Nepal on May 22, it did not mention the current area. At the same time, the Department of Surveying and Mapping was instructed to provide information about the new area as soon as possible. Only a few days ago, the department completed the technical work of all the maps and sent the proposed area to the Ministry.

A survey committee headed by Secretary at the Ministry Teknarayan Pandey will discuss the area sent by the department. The ministry will then submit the file to the cabinet meeting. "Now the department has commented on the map of Nepal with additional area. Now, in a day or two, the meeting of the survey map committee will decide to send it to the cabinet," a ministry source told Kantipur. "The official area will be made public only after the cabinet approves it."

An employee of the Survey Department informed that the map of Nepal including the encroached land was measured through Lambert, Konic Confirm and Spheroid Everest 1830 projection system and GIS software. "Overall, the old map showed that the area is more than what we had read. Now, like the map, the area will also increase," he said. The cabinet had decided to update the map with encroached land on May 19. Earlier, President Vidyadevi Bhandari had announced to issue a map of the encroached land while making public the government's policy and program. The Nissan imprint was amended unanimously after all parties in parliament supported the government's decision to make the map of the encroached land public. New maps have been introduced in the political and administrative spheres as well.

The Treaty of Sugauli, signed between the then East India Company and the Government of Nepal on March 4, 1816, stated that the Kalin River and the territory before it would belong to Nepal. But India had occupied the western part of the Kalapani area by making a fake mouth of the river Kali. An Indian Army camp has been set up in Kalapani since the Sino-Indian war in 2018 BS. After India constructed and inaugurated a one-way road in the same area, Nepal has also issued a new map covering its land. A committee was formed in Pohor Kattik for the map as per the land survey regulations. The committee had recommended to publish the map including the missing territories on March 25.

Clause (2) (a) of Article 4 of the Constitution provides that the area at the time of commencement of the Constitution and (b) the area after the receipt of the Constitution shall be considered as the territory of Nepal. If the new area of ​​the map is passed by the Council of Ministers, the area will also be updated according to this article of the constitution.

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