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Today, the 135th Falgunanda birth anniversary is being celebrated

Kathmandu: The  135th birth anniversary of Falgunand, which has been celebrated as per tradition since time immemorial, is being celebrated today. The birth anniversary of social reformer Falgunand Lingden will be celebrated with special significance by the followers of Kirat Dharma on Tuesday (today).

The government of Nepal declared him a national hero on December 3, 2008. A special pooja was held at the birthplace of Linden on the day of his birth. However, this year, the coronavirus epidemic is preparing for general worship and program. The Kirantis have been worshiping Falgunand as the Mahaguru.

According to a source, a special public holiday has been given in State 1 today on the birth anniversary of Maha Guru Lingden. Kamal Bahadur Thapa, Deputy Secretary and Spokesperson of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law of State 1, informed that it has been decided to give leave across the state on the occasion of this day.  

Falgunand was born on Kartik 25, 1942 B.S. in Chumchinamba, Ibhang, Mangsebung village municipality 2, Ilam. He made significant contributions to social reform. He had started to bring the Kirat Dharma followers in writing. 

On his initiative, a large gathering held at Chokmagu in Panchthar in 1988 BS called Satyadharma Muchulka.

Falgunand, who spent almost nine years in the British Gurkha army, returned to military service and spent his life in social reform and religious work. He was honored by the government as a national hero for his work for social reform. He died on Chaitra 22, 2005 B.S. at the age of 66 in Imbung, Panchthar.

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