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I will not resign under any circumstances: PM

Kathmandu: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has made it clear that he will not resign. Addressing the inauguration ceremony of the Manmohan Center Annex Building under the Institute of Medical Studies on Wednesday morning, he said he would not resign under any circumstances. 

Prime Minister Oli has made it clear that he will not resign even if it is for the sake of the country. He said, 'Do you think I should resign now? Can I resign? To resign, not for me, but for the country, is to let the country go to ruin. So I am not going to resign. I have repeatedly said that some people are asking me to resign. I think it's useless. '

Prime Minister Oli also said that he became the prime minister because of the needs and support of the people rather than his own interests. He also urged the people not to fall into the dilemma of changing the government as he became the prime minister with the support of the people and not through any manipulation and trickery.

He said, 'I came to this place not because of my desire but because of the need and support of the people. I am not here by trickery. It is from the widespread public support that has reached here. So go to work with confidence. It changes the government that many have tried so many times. Inside, outside came various attempts. To criticize in any way, to criticize in any way. There are such tendencies, let's not be influenced by them. '

Prime Minister Oli also said that some people are trying to cause instability in the country. He said, "Some people have a habit of trying to push the country towards instability by cultivating instability." Some have become addicted. '

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