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Limpiyadhura, Lipulek, Kalapani are part of Nepal, India does not delay withdrawal: Senior Indian Journalist

Kathmandu: Amidst the controversy that erupted after Nepal issued a new map, a senior Indian journalist had said that the territory including Kalapani belonged to Nepal.

This was stated by senior journalist Ananda Swaroop Burma in a conversation with the radio of popular Indian television Aajtak. The same Burma has once again raised the issue.

He said that India would not delay to return Kalapani to Nepal as it is part of Nepal. He said that the camp of the Indian Army at Kalapani was only a place provided by the then King Mahendra Vir Bikram Shah as a place to stay for some time.

Therefore, he has urged India to return to the camp of the Indian Army and show its neighborliness. He has said. This is not my personal opinion. This is history. No one forgets history.

Senior journalist Ananda Swaroop Burma has made public the opinion that Limpiyadhura, Lipulek and Kalapani areas under Indian encroachment are part of Nepal. He also said that the issue could be resolved through dialogue between the two countries.

"Kalapani is part of Nepal," said Burma. "During the war with China in 1962, India kept troops in Kalapani for a while at the request of King Mahendra's government." '

He also said that there is an old dispute between Nepal and India over Kalapani and Lipulek. He said that this issue has been discussed repeatedly. "The governments of both countries have been slow to resolve this issue," he said. India does not want to take Nepal's land. India is a big nation. He also said that Nepal could be tilted somewhere if India was behaving arrogantly. "India thinks that Nepal is tilting towards China," he said.

"Both are neighbors," he said. China and India. If India always behaves like this, Nepal will have to extend a helping hand somewhere. ' In the podcast of Aajtak Radio, as Indian troops are stationed on Nepali soil, it has been emphasized that it should be resolved through talks. Concerns have also been expressed that if India delays, Nepal will turn against China.

Manisha Koirala, the famous Bollywood actress of Nepali daughter, was sharply criticized all over India even while expressing happiness in symbolic words on this subject. Burma has even said it supports Koirala. Manisha is a Nepali girl. There is nothing greater in human beings than patriotism. He should be able to speak the truth on behalf of his country. Indians have been told that it is useless to be in pain. His analysis is that Manisha introduced herself as a conscious citizen by showing patriotism dearer than her blood.

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