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Police team mobilized with trained dogs at the western border

Kanchanpur: The District Police Office, Kanchanpur has mobilized a team with specially trained dogs at the border to curb criminal activities. Amar Bahadur Thapa Chhetri, Deputy Superintendent of Police at the District Police Office, Kanchanpur, said that a police team including a dog has been mobilized to stop the smuggling of drugs, explosives and illegal weapons in the border area during Tihar and other festivals.

He said that a police team including dogs has been mobilized at Gadda Chowki, Mahendranagar-based bus park and Gauriphanta border checkpoint. "We have carried out effective investigation in the border area by bringing trained dogs with the help of the Far-Western Provincial Police Office," said Thapa Chhetri, Deputy Superintendent of Police. This will help prevent unwanted cross-border activity. ”

He said that high vigilance has been adopted as criminal activities may increase as the crowds in the border area and bus park area increase as the festivals including Tihar are approaching. According to him, a team with dogs will be deployed at the border for two weeks. A team including a dog has been mobilized in coordination with the local police. A plain and uniformed police patrol team has been mobilized in the border area. The number of people arrested with drugs in the border area has been increasing for the past few days. Police had recovered six bags of explosives from the Mahendranagar bus park area a few days ago.

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