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King Birendra's Nepal Peace Zone Proposal, which was endorsed by over 130 nations except 'Friendly' India [Video]

Nepal Zone of Peace was a proposition made by King Birendra during his coronation ceremony in 1975. King Birendra formally asked the international community to endorse his proposal that the United Nations should declare Nepal a ZoP, so as to give a new dimension to the Nepalese non-alignment. "As it's one of the most ancient civilizations in Asia, our natural concern is to preserve our independence, a legacy handed down by history. We need peace for our security, independence, and development. And if today, peace is an overriding concern for us, it is only because our people genuinely desire peace in the country, in our region, and elsewhere in the world. It is with this earnest desire to institutionalize peace that I stand to make a proposition—a proposition that my country, Nepal, be declared a Zone of Peace. As heirs to a country that has always lived in independence, we wish to see that our freedom and independence shall not be thwarted by the changing flux of time when understanding is replaced by misunderstanding when conciliation is replaced by belligerency and war." The proposal has been endorsed by over 130 nations except for India but has since become moribund with the fall of the Panchayat System in 1990.

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