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King Ram Shah

The untimely demise of King Chhatra Shah and without an heir apparent, his younger brother Ram Shah ascended the throne. King Ram Shah, grandson of King Drabya Shah, the founder King of Gorkha state was much popular for the management of weights, measurements, and formulating rules. The rules ranged from general household to government administration. It was obligatory that no one should stake or claim an interest rate of more than 10 percent in cash and 20 percent in food grains. Besides, the lender would be punished for claiming or collecting more than that the double amount in cash, credits, and treble in that of food grains when the sum capital and interest would exceed proportionately with a lapse in time. Rules against cutting down of roadside trees causing deforestation, the obligations towards the awareness of the roadside trees providing shade, aforestation which checks the landslides and would be catalytic to transpiring spring water. Knowing that the people face difficulties due to indefinite and uncertain measurement systems, he defined and systematized standard weight, balance, measurement and because of the obligations which were introduced in time and favorable his publicity soared all over. Likewise, he also enforced many rules to reform judicial administration. Those laws and administration systems were so justified and popular in those days that the words ‘Justice’ and ‘Gorkha’ became synonymous. “Nyaya Napaya Gorkha Janu” - the proverb meaning - go to Gorkha for proper justice if you are denied or unfairly treated which were originated during his reign.

King Ram Shah used to settle lawsuits in ‘Panche Chautara’ the platform under a tree west of Gorkha Palace. This was also called Ram Shah Platform and because the place symbolizing justice and popular as ‘Dharma Chautara’ - meaning the platform of virtue. It is still evident from the inscriptions and books which proves there were several scholars under his patronage.

With the beautification of the pond Pojhari Thok situated at the foot of Gorkha Palace, the establishment of temples deities, and timely reforms of the state affairs, King Ram Shah is still honored and esteemed in the history of Nepal.

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