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Nationwide demonstration in favor of the Monarchy: RPP leadership, CPN and Congress supporters also participated

To give a glimpse of the people's movement, the royalists organized a motorcycle rally in Dhangadhi on December 19. Although the rally was called under the guise of Far-Western Independent Patriotic Civil Society, the entire management was internally carried out by the Rashtriya Prajatantra Party (RPP), which has been advocating for a Hindu nation and monarchy. Not only the royalists but also the ruling CPN (Maoist) and the opposition Congress were seen in the rally. 

(Translated from: - NayaPatrika  )

The organizers have claimed that not only the supporters of the CPN (Maoist) and the Nepali Congress but also the cadres participated in the rally. "There was more participation than expected, we just called, the people came to the streets spontaneously. Other party cadres also participated, 'said Rabindra Karki, coordinator of the organizing society. 

Karki claims that more than 7,000 people participated in the rally held from Dhangadhi-Attaria-Dhangadhi. He said that this participation has confirmed the failure of the current system. "Yali has confirmed that the democratic system has failed and the people have become disillusioned with the system," Karki said. According to the police, there are between 2,000 and 2,200 participants in the rally. District Police Chief SP Anupshamsher Jabra said that Yali had been informed in advance.

RPP central members Chhatra Shahi, Lalit Negi, and other local leaders and activists were involved in the preparations for the rally. Coordinator Karki himself is the state president of the RPP-affiliated Youth Front. However, Shahi said that he did not carry the party's flag to make it easier for independent citizens and other party members to participate. "We worked in the background with independent projects," said Shahi, who coordinated the campaign for the rally. "Friends from other parties said we would go if your party's flag was not used." 

Shahi said that the turnout was higher than expected due to disgust towards the activities of the government and political parties. 'This is dissatisfaction with the irresponsible activities of the parties and corruption. That is why supporters of other parties also came to the rally, 'Shahi said.

At the rally, the national flag was carried and the slogan of restoration of the Hindu nation and the monarchy was raised. People from urban and rural areas of Kailali and Kanchanpur came to participate in the rally. RPP committees and leaders were mobilized up to the villages to increase public participation. Central member Shahi said that RPP leaders and cadres from some hilly districts also participated in the rally. The organizers also provided fuel for some participants. Coordinator Karki said that they had spent only around Rs.

Congress Kailali Vice President Prakash Bahadur Bam said that the government and the political parties were disillusioned with the people's inability to work as per their expectations. "Disillusionment has increased because what was supposed to happen in a democracy has not happened. It is also natural to express disgust, 'he said.

The royalists are preparing for a bigger demonstration in Rupendehi 

The royalists are preparing for a bigger demonstration in Rupandehi after the nationwide campaign started from Rupandehi demanding restoration of the monarchy. He concluded that it was necessary to establish a king and a Hindu nation for the benefit of the country as nationalism was weakening and corruption was on the rise. 

The royalists had staged a grand rally from Manigram to Butwal on October 29 in the name of Bir Gorkhali Abhiyan, Shiv Sena Nepal, and others. RPP also had internal support in that. Enthusiastic royalists are claiming that the people themselves are the organizers of the rally. Anil Jaiswal, a central member of Shiv Sena Nepal, claimed that the people were in favor of the monarchy and the Hindu state as they were not satisfied with the current system of governance. He said that all the nationalist forces were working together for the restoration of the monarchy. 

RPP central member Shakti Sapkota said that preparations were being made for a bigger demonstration in Rupandehi. "From Butwal to Saljandi, the demand for local friends is high. This issue is being discussed, 'he said. He said that 3,000 people had spontaneously participated in the three-day general campaign in the previous rally. Shiv Sena central member Jaiswal said that preparations were being made to hold a demonstration in Nawalparasi as well. 

Chief District Officer Pitamber Ghimire said that acts against the constitution and law would be stopped. He said that the administration would take action accordingly as the protest was banned due to cowardice. 

Yali of the royalists in Pokhara

On Wednesday, the royalists staged a rally in Pokhara demanding the restoration of the monarchy and the Hindu nation. Shiv Sena Nepal Chairman Anil Basnet has claimed that 18,000 people had participated in the rally. Police said more than 50 motorcycles and more than ¥ rally performance of Sirte said.

According to Basnet, around 3,000 people from Kaski and surrounding districts have participated in the rally. According to Keshav Bhandari, who was the coordinator of the tour management committee when former King Gyanendra Shah visited Pokhara last year, those who came from outside the district to participate were kept at religious places including Ram Mandir, Muktinath, Radhakrishna, and Kedareshwar Temple.

"It simply came to our notice then. There was no organizer. The Shiv Sena was in harmony with all those who wanted a monarchy and a Hindu state, including Nepal. The only thing that was called for was a demonstration with a yali, 'said Bhandari.' So many people came. I have taken it as the support and harmony of the people of the western region who want a king, a monarchy, and a Hindu state. ' 

Shiv Sena president Basnet and Bhandari claimed that only food was provided to those who came from outside. Basnet claims that people who have faith in other parties including the CPN (Maoist) and the Nepali Congress have also participated in the protest.

According to Kaski Police Spokesperson DSP Subhas Hamal, a letter was received from the district administration a few days ago. He said more than 1,000 motorcycles and more than 50 cars were evacuated on Wednesday. Accordingly, it can be analyzed that more than three thousand people participated in the rally. 

Slogans including 'Let's wake up Nepali people', 'Let's bring a king, let's protect the country and religion' were chanted at the rally. The procession started from Amar Singh Chowk with the national flag and a picture of the former monarch. In the corner meeting, Shiv Sena chairperson Basnet said that the Nepali people do not think that the country can survive without the monarchy. The traffic situation in Pokhara was chaotic during the Yali period.

The local administration, however, said that the government had decided not to allow citizens to be protected from corona infection. "We have not given any approval for the rally or the demonstration. A person has come to file a petition on behalf of a westerner. He was told not to let more than 25 people come, but the mass came, 'said Gyan Prasad Dhakal, chief district officer of Kaski. 

Kaski Chairman of the ruling CPN (Maoist) Krishna Thapa said that the victory of the royalists was a challenge for all those who fought for democracy. He said the rally could also be seen as dissatisfaction with the government. 

Demonstration in Janakpur too

The royalists, led by a nationalist group, held a rally in Janakpur on Wednesday. Leaders and cadres of Rashtriya Prajatantra Party, Shiv Sena Nepal, Rastriya Janamukhi Party Loktantrik and others participated in the rally. 

The procession was taken out from the railway station with the participation of about five hundred people. Though led by Kari Yadav, coordinator of the nationalist group, the rally was also attended by RPP leaders Manoj Malla, Praksha Malla, Prakash Jung Rana, and Janamukhi Party president Ritesh Singh. Leader Manoj Malla said that he participated in the rally as his party and the nationalist group agreed on the agenda. 

Praksha Malla, who is contesting for the House of Representatives from Dhanusha, had fielded most of the cadres from Dhanushadham, Dharapani, Godar, and Dhalkebar constituencies. A leader of RPP said that Malla and Prakash Jung Rana managed the food from petrol in the vehicle of the cadres. SP Ramesh Basnet of Dhanusha said that there was no challenge in the security arrangements as the information was gathered from the administration. 

Yadav, the coordinator of the nationalist group, claimed that the people had spontaneously participated in the rally. "We did not mobilize the crowd by paying allowances like other parties or by giving petrol on motorcycles. The people participated spontaneously," he said. The people are now looking for a monarchy rather than a republic. ' He said that the program was organized by collecting donations from one or two associates. 

According to sources, Hindu organizations including Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Vishwa Hindu Mahasangh Nepal, and Hindu Jagran Samaj have been providing financial support to the program for the monarchy and Hindu nation. Similarly, Mahantha of some monasteries and temples of Janakpur and some members of the Marwari community also provided financial support to the program in support of the king, said an RPP leader.

A rally of royalists in Biratnagar saying 'preparation of republic's malami'

The royalists staged a demonstration in Biratnagar, the capital of state 1, on October 12. They marched around the city chanting slogans like 'King come, save the country', 'Republic Mortalism', 'KP Oli Mortalism', 'Reject federalism', 'No need for a secular constitution, maintain the Hindu nation'. 

The rally was concluded at Chandni Chowk west of Bargachhi Chowk after a procession of about 500 people on motorcycles and four-wheelers. The corner meeting was addressed by Navin Deuja, coordinator of Bir Gorkhali, engineer Vasant Vikram Pandey, Satish Pokhrel, president of Shiv Sena Nepal Morang, Kedar Khadka, president of Jhapa and Hira Acharya, president of Sunsari, Mohinarayan Chaudhary, coordinator of Desh Bachao Abhiyan Inaruwa and Dipendra Karki, coordinator of Yuva Samaj Dharan. He called the yali a preparation for the republican malami and claimed that there was no alternative to the monarchy. 

He accused the political parties of making the country united by the Shah kings greedy for foreign money and establishing a republic. He said that Nepalis were ready to make sacrifices like Kalu Pandey and Bhakti Thapa as they were trying to divide the country. Young people from Jhapa, Sunsari, Dhankuta, and Morang participated in the rally. 

Permission was sought from the local administration for the rally two days ago. However, no formal permission was granted, said Morang Chief District Officer Koshahari Niraula. Police provided security while Yali was circling the Biratnagar market.

Yali is being prepared in Hetauda with the invisible support of RPP

The royalists are also protesting in Hetauda on November 30. In which RPP is cooperating internally, but has not openly accepted.

According to Bhrigu Karki, chairman of the Hetauda Sub-metropolitan Committee of the National Democratic Youth Organization, more than a thousand youths are preparing to take to the streets in Yali. He said that even if RPP does not organize it formally, there will be invisible support. Miking and various other means of publicity are being used to participate in the rally. Karki said that neighboring districts like Chitwan, Bara, and Parsa would also participate in the rally. 

RPP Makwanpur has secretly mobilized its sister organizations. "Our party has been agitating for the Hindu nation and the king for a long time. In such a situation, it became natural for us to support the movement of the monarchists, 'said RPP central member Rajaram Bartaula. Makwanpur is also the home district of RPP central chairman and former deputy prime minister Kamal Thapa.

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