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The Prime Minister called a meeting of the CPN Secretariat

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, who is also the chairman of the ruling Communist Party of Nepal (CPN), has called a secretariat meeting.

A meeting of the secretariat will be held at the PM's residence in Baluwatar at 4 pm on Friday.

A meeting of the secretariat has been decided through General Secretary Bishnu Poudel. In the CPN, the secretariat meeting is convened by the secretary-general in consultation with the chairperson.

As the meeting is scheduled to be held in Baluwatar and General Secretary Poudel is close to Prime Minister Oli, it seems that the Prime Minister has held a secretariat meeting. 

"Information has come from the general secretary's secretariat that the party's secretariat meeting will be held tomorrow," a secretariat member told Sethopati.

Earlier, secretariat members Jhala Nath Khanal, Madhav Nepal, Bamdev Gautam, and Narayan Kaji Shrestha, along with another chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, had requested Prime Minister Oli, who is also the chairman, to convene a meeting at the party office in Dhrumbarahi.

Five members of the secretariat, including Prachanda, held a discussion in Dhrumbarahi on Tuesday and said that they would wait for Oli, who is also the prime minister, for the secretariat meeting.

While the leaders including Prachanda are saying that they will hold discussions with the members of the secretariat even today, the Prime Minister has scheduled the secretariat meeting.

If Chairman Oli did not agree to convene a meeting of the Secretariat, five members of the Secretariat, including another Chairman Prachanda, were in favor of holding a meeting and setting up a standing committee meeting.  

The demand to convene a meeting of the CPN (Maoist) Secretariat has been raised for a long time after the decision of the CPN (Maoist) Standing Committee meeting was not implemented.

Five members of the secretariat, including Prachanda, had submitted a written letter to Chairman Oli demanding a secretariat meeting. The demand was made by five secretariat members including executive chairman Prachanda at a meeting last Saturday.

On Tuesday, Prachanda also called on Prime Minister Oli to hold a secretariat meeting. Before the meeting in Dhrumbarahi, Prachanda had reached Baluwatar to meet Prime Minister Oli.

But on that day, the Prime Minister did not agree to hold a secretariat meeting as per Prachanda's proposal.

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