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Party unity in jeopardy: Foreign Minister Gyawali

Kathmandu:  Foreign Minister and CPN (Maoist) leader Pradip Gyawali has said that party unity is in an awkward situation. Leader Gyawali said that party unity was in an awkward situation but efforts were being made to protect unity. Through the social network Twitter, leader Gyawali has also hoped that the clouds of crisis seen within the party will be removed. He said: "Party unity is in jeopardy, but efforts to protect unity continue. Hopefully, the clouds of crisis will lift. '

Leader Gyawali urged the party leaders and cadres to have a policy debate and not to repeat the allegations. He said: "Comrades are urged to have a policy debate, not to make accusations." Describing the communist movement as a boat, Minister Gyawali urged all those who are now accusing each other to be vigilant, saying that they may meet at some point tomorrow. He said: 'We are in the same boat and will definitely meet at some point tomorrow. Ahanai, there should be a place to drink water while eating. '

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