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Manoj Gajurel, who was taken to ICU, won over Corona

KATHMANDU: Veteran comedian Manoj Gajurel has been freed from corona infection.

After an 11-day hospital stay, he returned home and rested.

Gajurel himself has informed through social media that he is free from Corona infection.

Gajurel wrote on social network Facebook: “I am returning home after 11 days of hospital rest. All the reports of Kovid 19 have come negative.

He said that he will return to work in a few days.

His corona test report was positive on October 25. Although he was initially living in isolation at home, he was admitted to the Corona Special Hospital of the Armed Police Force (APF) in Balambu on November 7 after his oxygen level dropped and he contracted a lung infection.

Stating that he has provided high-quality medical services, he thanked the Nepal APF Hospital family of the Armed Police Force, all the members of the hospital family, and all the well-wishers.

He also called on others to protect themselves and others from the epidemic of corona infection and wished them a happy Diwali.

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