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I reject the chargesheet brought to end political life

Today's secretariat meeting begins. I would like to extend a warm welcome to all comrades. I don't think I have to say much, the meeting is in a very complicated phase, the party is in a very complicated phase. The party is not going through a normal situation, we are not going through either.

Let's keep one or two things. At the Asti meeting, some of my friends sent me a letter asking me to call a meeting, not as an agenda, but as a correspondence. Since there are serious allegations about it, it is in my place to call a meeting. Those allegations could not go unanswered. Why should I answer that? In fact, the allegations were not true, inappropriate, unfair, false, and misleading, I had to clear about them. Therefore, I personally wrote a letter to another chairman as he was the leader. I gave the information about that letter to the friends who came to hand over the letter as Bodhartha, I also gave the information to other friends for information. In response, another chairman wrote a seven-page answer. I have not given an answer to that. Naturally, the right answer has to be given.

Apart from that, another chairman gave me a proposal on the same day and shared it with other members. That is not a proposal presented at the meeting. Our method of presenting the proposal in the meeting is different. No proposal can be brought by another chairperson without the knowledge of one chairperson. There may be a situation where it should be given, but without informing the other president, he suddenly gave it to me in the name of a proposal including attack, attack, criticism, accusation, and accusation against another president. He also distributed it to other friends but that was not the proposal presented at the meeting. That cannot be called a legal proposal. Discussions are needed in the committee in this regard. The offer that was distributed, Then the newspaper was published. Is it appropriate to do so or not? It didn't matter. It was even done with the help of newspapers and it was also learned that some friends were involved and agreed to it. Therefore, this issue is very serious.

I called two comrades and talked to Vamdevji. No one can sit under the responsibility of the President or the Prime Minister without getting rid of it, including these allegations. If these allegations are to be dispelled, then it is the responsibility of the Prime Minister and the President. If not, then you have to be the president and get rid of those positions and responsibilities. The demand to remove it had already come. These are the grounds for withdrawal this time, so there is talk of removal. As before, it does not have the language of being directly removed from the post of Prime Minister, it does not have the language of being removed from the post of President, it has the language of quitting. The word renunciation is placed there. In this regard, there should be a solution first. This accusation should be upheld and the Prime Minister and the President should be removed. If this allegation is not true, then the person making such allegation should take responsibility for it, take responsibility for it.

I hear rumors outside the market, there is a majority, there is a minority, what is there, who is there, I hear a lot. I have never seen such a formality. There was no question of considering it as a majority or minority until we saw it formally. Now we have to go into it. I have not prepared an answer to this. It can only be a meeting to discuss, to simply discuss, and to discuss. If it is correct then one should be removed, if it is not correct then the other should be removed.

Another thing I have to say is that I have been prepared to remove both the President and the Prime Minister. Similarly, what happens if I ask another president to step down? What happens to the method? What about organizational theory? Think about it once? Because if I say leave, it can create another environment. Another thing is that after the indictment called Asti's proposal came, our previous agreement and understanding was declared to be over. After the letter was written, the old agreement was not maintained. As the old consensus was no longer in place, the party sought a new way out. We must find a new way out. I want to go together, to go together, to save the party and to keep the party united.

What I am saying is that only together can the party be saved. The party will not survive by fighting, the party will not survive by manipulating and manipulating. The party will not survive by forming factions. We will discuss everything later. Today, I reject all the accusations, accusations, insults, contempt, insults from the letter of insult that was given to me. I totally reject the charge sheet brought to end my political life. I will give a reasonable answer in writing. I told Comrade Madhav that the letter had brought the situation to a more serious stage. Will he threaten? He said that no one is afraid of threatening.

I don't think there is anyone here who is scared. Not only comrade Madhav is not afraid, no one else seems to be afraid. No one is afraid. People who have come through such politics do not seem to be afraid of anyone. When all is shura, how wise is shura and how much is not? Again, I urge you to consider. It is not possible to move forward without discussing the issues that should be discussed first and concluding. I am not ready to discuss this issue, nor is my answer sheet ready. I need to look at that letter carefully. So much so that I have found the situation extremely serious.

As I have said before, this is not a threat. For the first time in my life, I am experiencing such shock, so much humiliation, so much humiliation, so much humiliation. Before this, I did not have this level of language, style, and accusation experience in the committee, perhaps no one else. I have never found anyone making such allegations with the intention of ending politics in this way. I have not taken lightly the letter that I have seen, the language that has been used in it, the allegations that have been made, and the allegations that have been made. It must be taken very seriously. Does anything have to be tolerated in politics? I have been imprisoned, beaten, and tortured. I have worn sticks, boots, shoes. If you have experienced all these things, Again, I have no difficulty in facing any situation. Choose which route to take by the presenter of the letter and the friend in the background.

Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it's something known in advance. Therefore, I do not see the meeting moving forward today. I am not ready to discuss it now because I have already said that I am not ready, I have not reached the point. What more can I say? I have seen other people's water pictures in it! When you look at it, the picture of water comes! I've talked and listened to everything! That's all for now. Thank you. 

(Edited excerpt of Oli's speech at the party secretariat meeting on Wednesday / Courtesy of Gorkhapatra)

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