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Connection of seismometers in schools

A school here has installed seismometers to impart practical knowledge about earthquakes to the students. An earthquake measuring device has been installed at the premises of Shanti Secondary School in Kushmishera, Jaimini Municipality-1 of Baglung.


According to Khem Prasad Acharya, coordinator of education, youth, and sports branch of Jaimini Municipality, the device has been installed at a cost of Rs 150,000 as per the program of Jaimini Municipality for the current fiscal year. "Practical education is needed. Our students need to be aware of earthquakes," said Acharya. "The device will be useful for education, public awareness, and awareness about earthquakes."


He informed that the device connected to the school can measure the earthquake above the 2.5 Rector scale. "The information about a normal earthquake is received at the school itself, which makes it a means of getting information to all the city dwellers," he said.


The municipality has said that this learning center should be set up for the students of other schools around Shanti Secondary School. According to Acharya, the device will also measure seismic activity up to seven Rector scale around the world.


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