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Nepal Samvat is a fundamental Samvat of Nepalis: Chief Minister Poudel

Hetauda: Chief Minister of Bagmati Pradesh Dormani Poudel has said that every Nepali has started assimilating Nepal Samvat as a fundamental Samvat of Nepal. In a congratulatory message on the occasion of Nepal 1141 BS, Chief Minister Poudel said Nepal is strong in religious, cultural, and ethnic unity even though it is a country with different religious and cultural characteristics.

"On the auspicious occasion of Nepal's original Nepal 1141 BS, I express my heartfelt best wishes of happiness, peace, prosperity, and progressive progress to the people of the state, brothers and sisters, and all Nepalis," said a message issued by Chief Minister Poudel. Poudel said that Nepal Samvat came into vogue in memory of the day when national luminary Shankhadhar Sakhwa repaid the debts of a person who was burdened with debt at that time and was forced to live a life of slavery in Sahukai.

"Even though our country Nepal has different religious and cultural characteristics, it is also strong in religious, cultural, and ethnic unity. On the occasion of this New Year, I wish the unity among Nepalis to be even stronger, Nhudaya Bhintuna: ”, Poudel said in a message.

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