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Abandoning the American dream and concentrating on animal husbandry

Balewa, ( RSS ): The neighboring countries are Japan, the USA, and Europe. It is not that he is not haunted by America. The government employed a father. Even if money was not with them, everyone believed in debt. Ganesh Sharma of Baglung Municipality-3 was also haunted by the ghost of the United States, but he traveled to the United States through a broker, but he did not reach the United States and did not save the money he had borrowed.

He spent Rs 2 million without contact with his family for a month but did not reach the United States. Ganesh, who returned to the village after settling in the capital for a year, is now looking for a future on rented land. Her father Shiva Prasad Sharma had been running a traditional animal husbandry business in Hadepakha of Baglung Municipality-3. Ganesh has increased the number of cows raised by his father to meet the need for milk at home and not for business. After his dream of America was shattered, he started looking for a better future on his own soil. There is a farm with seven buffaloes and three dairy cows in Hadepakha. In his farm named 'Shiva Shakti Cow Buffalo Farm', Babu Shiva Prasad Sharma, he himself, Mother Gita, and wife Usha work hard. He doesn't have to invest as much as he did to go abroad. Starting with an investment of Rs 1.5 million, his farm now earns Rs 6,000 to 7,000 a day. "We have raised the local buffalo of Lime breed and the cross of Murra buffalo," says Ganesh. He said that he had finally understood that he would not have to go abroad if his father could handle the business he was already doing. "Baba started raising buffaloes in 2067 BS. My mind was in the United States. After suffering on the way, I finally regained consciousness," said Sharma. "I would have reached the top if I had helped my father who raised buffaloes after his busy life at the Agriculture Development Bank." His farm now produces 60 to 70 liters of milk daily. As Baglung is close to the market, there is no problem in the market for milk. "In the evening and in the morning, customers come to the barn carrying utensils," he said. The price of milk is Rs. 60 per quintal. Ganesh announced plans to make cattle rearing more commercial and productive. "The target is to bring 25 buffaloes. We have to invest an additional Rs 2 million," he said. He has a farm on four ropanis of land rented for Rs. 50,000 annually in Hadepakha. The family has been cultivating vegetables on the remaining land. "It is not enough to just look at the income of milk, you have to make a profit by growing vegetables", He said. Pukhryoli Pakho and some land have been rented for grass. They hire hired laborers to mow the grass in the rainy season. In winter, he said, he spends millions to make straw. "Now I am expanding the farm not only to the family but also to create more employment," he said. "I am confident that the profit will increase as production increases." He said that there is a plan to repay the loan taken by selling milk.

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